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Your Contribution Fuels Our Work

Global Ties Miami fosters international understanding and connections, making a world of difference right here in Miami.

With hundreds of international visitors each year, our programs not only improve people’s lives globally, but also invigorate our local economy, boosting sectors like hospitality, transportation, and tourism.


More than just an economic impact, however, our efforts enable residents of Miami to gain valuable insights into different cultures, sparking empathy, innovation, and a global fluency that strengthens our city's social fabric. 

Engage in Global Leadership Development

With Global Ties Miami, you're contributing to cultivating future global leaders and enhancing international understanding.

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Build Lasting Connections

Become part of a community that values global understanding, leadership, and the power of connection. Your participation doesn't just support our programs; it makes you a part of our mission, and a member of a community passionate about making a difference. 

Create Impact With Transparency

We believe in the power of clear communication and transparency. With Global Ties Miami, you will always understand the difference your contribution makes. Your support is instrumental in maintaining and expanding our efforts to foster global ties and nurture leadership development.

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Fit Contribution Into Your Busy Lifestyle

We understand your busy schedule.  That's why we offer numerous ways to contribute that seamlessly fit into your everyday routine. Whether it's making a donation, participating in an event, volunteering, or hosting a dinner with a visitor, your engagement can be tailored to your schedule.

Your donations are essential to sustain and grow our work.

They allow us to build more bridges of understanding, foster more mutual respect, and create a more globally aware and connected Miami. Your support makes the world a little closer, a little smaller, and a lot more empathetic.

Join Our Donations for Diplomacy Program: 

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